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Waxing / Electrolysis


At The Body Centre we only use Lycon wax to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting. Amazingly, our hot wax will remove short, stubborn hair as short as 1mm, and our strip wax will remove hair as short at 2mm, leaving your skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue. 


Lycon Active Gold Strip Wax

  • Half-leg | £16.50
  • Three quarter leg | £20.25
  • Full leg | £26.00
  • Full leg & bikini line | £35.00
  • Brazilian (landing strip) | £32.00
  • Hollywood (All off) | £32.00
  • Full arm | £16
  • Fore arm | £11
  • Lip or Chin | £6.50/£12 Combined
  • Eyebrow Shape: £8.75

Lycon Azulene Hot Wax

  • Under arm | £9
  • High bikini line | £14.00
  • G-String Bikini line | £22.00
  • Brazilian (landing strip) | £38.00
  • Hollywood (All off) | £38.00
  • Nostrils | £6

Male Waxing

  • Chest Waxing | £30.00
  • Full back Waxing | £25.00
  • Shoulders Waxing | £17.95
  • Eyebrow Shape | £7.75
  • Nostrils | £6
    • N.B we do not currently offer male intimate waxing.


Effective, gentle permanent hair removal. Pre-sterilised, disposable needles used for each client. 

Do you have unwanted hair?

Unwanted hair is a common problem affecting most women to varying degrees throughout their lives.  electrolysis is still the only proven permanent method of hair removal and many women and indeed many men, have benefited from this tried and trusted treatment.

What happens during Electrolysis? 

A very fine disposable sterile needle or probe, about the size of a small eyelash, is introduced into the individual hair follicle to the correct depth and a small amount of current is released. This eventually destroys the root of the hair by cutting off the blood supply which feeds the hair starving it of nourishment and nutrients. As a result of this the hair becomes finer with often lighter hair growth and eventual demise of the hair. The ability of the hair follicle to produce a hair is destroyed rather than the hair itself.

How does electrolysis compare to Laser or IPL hair removal?

Electrolysis remains the only method allowed by the Beauty Industry's Governing Bodies to claim that it offers 'permanent' hair removal. It is used to treat small patches of unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Electrolysis is suitable for any hair or skin colour / type. Even light coloured or grey hair can be treated, unlike IPL or Laser. 

What is the Blend method?

The Blend method of electrolysis uses both a high frequency and direct current. Both currents travel down to the base of the follicle via a very fine sterile disposable probe for best results. This method is often reported to be the most comfortable and the most effective.

  • 05 minutes | £9.50
  • 10 minutes | £15.50
  • 15 minutes | £21.75
  • 20 minutes | £27.00
    • Buy a course of 6 treatments & save 10%.